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 School of Physics - February 19, 2001

Two Iranian physicists are among the newly elected members of TWAS

Two of IPM physicists have been elected to the Third World Academy of Science this year: 1- Professor Farhad Ardalan who is a senior scientist of IPM and Head of the school of Physics. 2- Professor Reza Mansouri who has a long standing collaboration with the school of Physics of IPM.

 Last October in Tehran, 44 Fellows and 5 Associate Fellows were recommended for election by the TWAS Council. Subsequently, these distinguished scientists were elected by postal balloting of TWAS members. This raises the total number of TWAS members to 589.

Professor Farhad Ardalan, a Senior Fellow and the Head of School of Physics of IPM, and Professor Reza Mansouri who has a long standing collaboration with the School of Physics of IPM, are among the newly elected members.

The brief citation of TWAS about the scientific activities of these two new members read as follows:

Farhad Ardalan is a first-rate theoretical high energy physicist with many notable achievements (including the discovery of the para-string theory, construction of modular invariant partition functions for WZNW models via orbifold method, classification of 11-dimensional supergravity solutions with a quotient structure, and discovery of non-commutativity in D-branes of string theory). His recent research work in superstring theory and in particular non-commutative Yang-Mills theory has been internationally recognized. He has been a main architect of theoretical physics in Iran. He inspired and led an active group of talented younger researchers in one of the most demanding areas of high energy physics.

Reza Mansouri, Department of Physics, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, Isl. Rep. Reza Mansouri is a physicist of international fame who has made significant contributions to the theory of relativity. He is well known for his test test theory of relativity which he developed in the 1970s with Roman Sexl at the University of Vienna. It has since become textbook material. Mansouri's theory constitutes a theoretical framework for testing the theories that claim to be alternative to Einstein's theory of relativity -- a very useful tool in the hands of experimentalists.Mansouri has also played a key role in helping scientific research to remain alive in very difficult conditions after the 1979 revolution in Iran. His creation of the Iranian Physical Society have been instrumental for the survival and development of basic sciences in Iran.

A complete list of the current TWAS membership can be found here.
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